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Both Mentors and Kids Learn from Each Other

January is National Mentoring Month and all month long we'll be bringing you stories about local mentors. Thank you to Computers4Kids for providing us with this “conversation” with one of their Mentor and Mentee matches.

Mentor (Lisa):

Keshawna and I have been learning about good design, unique presentation tools, and a wide variety of software resources since first meeting in September. Our weekly visits are full of fun and challenge. Keshawna has taught me to be more confident in choosing new color templates and fonts as she is especially talented with art and graphic design. We are wrapping up our first project in a week, and are already talking about ideas for what's next. We want to learn more about coding and building a website. I continue to be inspired by Keshawna's maturity. Being her mentor has been a privilege and great fun!

Mentee (Keshawna):

At Computers4Kids, I am looking forward to building a website. I was first interested in making a website when I did coding at my school. I was surprised at how fun and interesting it was to do. During my time at Computers4Kids I have to do 2 projects. My first project is on different hip hop dancers. I made my presentation on prezi, an animated tool to make presentations more exciting.

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Mentor (Lisa):

Here is a screen shot of Keshawna's prezi! The live version features edited photos, imbedded video, and a little surprise musical question created using a track in Garage Band and Audacity for the viewer. It helps to connect the audience to the message. The prezi is a fun and engaging story about three popular hip hop artists, all new to me, but I really like its style!


At our United Way Volunteer Center’s Mentor & Tutor Volunteer Fair on January 27, you can visit with representatives of Computers4Kids and a dozen more local organizations. Find the fit that is right for you!


Posted by: Kim Connolly

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