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Simple Notes of Kindness

All week, we’ll be sharing our own experiences of performing random acts of kindness. Today’s blog is from our Volunteer Center Director, who is taking inspiration from becoming a mom as she participates in Random Acts of Kindness Week.


Being a first time mom to a six month old, I spend the majority of my days covered in drool, making funny faces, and serving as a trampoline for a baby boy who loves to jump. It is the most amazing experience of my life. But, the days seem to fly by so fast and it’s hard to grab a moment to reflect and enjoy the little things that go along with raising a tiny person. In taking a moment to think about some random acts of kindness, I drew my inspiration from my life as a mom and the women who have inspired me on this journey.

HeathinthesnowThis week, I’ve decided to send some hand written letters to some moms with small children in my life. Just to say things like: You are beautiful. You are an amazing mom. You make being a new mom look easy. You are a natural. Your daughter is the happiest child.  I love the way you teach your daughters to use sign language during the hymns at church. Your children are so polite and kind to others. You’ve been an inspiration to me as a mom.

It’s such a simple act, but it can mean so much. Any parent can understand how hectic life can get with packing diaper bags, making sure nap times happen, keeping track of tiny baby socks. We all could use a moment during the day to know that someone noticed our efforts or that the love we’ve poured into raising children is making a difference. I hope that these moms get a moment to smile and feel good about the amazing jobs they are doing with their children this week!

Post by: Jessica Snyder


 Don’t miss out your chance to get involved in Random Acts of Kindness Week! It’s as simple as committing to become a volunteer, offering to grocery shop for an elderly neighbor, baking cookies for a sick friend, or leaving an encouraging bookmark in a library book. Please share your stories with us by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , on our Facebook page, or through our Volunteer Center’s Twitter. Be sure to use the hashtag #RAKweek on Twitter.

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