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The Simple Act of Being Kind

SmileyFaceLast week, our office celebrated International Random Acts of Kindness Week by committing to taking time to share kindness with others and by encouraging the Charlottesville community to join us in our efforts. Our staff really enjoyed participating in the week and we heard some great stories of kindness. I wanted to share a few of our favorite stories from the week.


From our Earned Income Tax Preparation Program:

With an impending snowstorm, Martha Trujillo, our Community Services Manager, took it upon herself to ask last Thursday’s volunteers if they would be willing to come earlier in the week. Martha and our Information and Referral Specialist, Megan Borishansky, called all taxpayers scheduled for Thursday and offered them the opportunity to come in two days earlier because of the predicated snow.  She solved a problem before it happened.  Because our appointments are so booked up at The Jefferson School (no appointments available until mid-March), these folks were still serviced despite the snow.

pull out for blog acts of kindnessSome other stories from staff and the community:

A staff member invited someone with fewer items to get in line in front of them at the grocery store.

A community member had her driveway cleared by an unknown good Samaritan.

Our staff put sticky notes with positive messages on the desks of three staff members who were sick last week.

Cars were given room to pull out on busy roads.

A care package was sent to a college student.

A staff member had a long phone conversation with and old friend with whom she had lost touch.

Someone became a mentor to a teenager with interests in her previous career field.

As you can see, random acts of kindness can be big or small. No matter how long it takes or how much thought is put into the act, the fact is that it makes our community a happier place. I encourage you to not stop thinking of ways to be kind to others now that the week is over. Take this as an opportunity to commit to volunteering or to just take a few moments each day or week to brighten the day of someone else.


Posted by: Jessica Snyder

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