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Thank a Volunteer This Week

ThankYouChildren-for webNational Volunteer Week reminds us to take a moment to thank the people who pour time, sweat, and cheer into our organizations to further our impact in the community. It is a great time to reflect on all that volunteers make possible for our nonprofits and to celebrate their hard work. At our local United Way-Thomas Jefferson Area, we have no shortage of wonderful volunteers to thank!


To all of our Board members and Impact Team members, we say thank you! Thank you for your commitment to making our community a healthier, stronger and safer place. Thank you for spending hours reading grant applications, researching the needs of our community, and sharing your passion for helping others.


To our Community Executives, Volunteer Council and other committee members, we say thank you! Thank you for educating local companies about the needs of our community. Thank you for recruiting new volunteers and sharing your enthusiasm with others.


Day of Caring photoTo our Day of Caring volunteers and all of the other volunteers who work with other local nonprofits, we say thank you! Thank you for caring about our neighbors. Thank you for delivering meals. Thank you for mentoring children. Thank you for visiting the elderly. Thank you for walking dogs and socializing cats. Thank you for designing websites and stuffing envelopes. Thank you for making phone calls and painting walls. Thank you for giving your time and talents to make the lives of others brighter.



Take time to thank your friends, family and co-workers who volunteer this week. Take time to encourage others to get involved in a volunteer activity. Happy National Volunteer Week!


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