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“They’re not like we were!”

“They pay attention to their phones, not to people.”

“They only care about themselves!”Emily thumbs up with UW sign

Not Emily! Emily just turned 7 years old (Happy Birthday!!), and, like most kids, had a
birthday party with friends. Like most kids, she thought that she might get a few presents. But Emily decided that she already had plenty of things, and knew that so many other kids don’t get enough to eat, or have a bed of their own to sleep in.

So, instead of presents, Emily asked her friends to make a donation to the United Way. Her mom, Amanda, is on our board and has obviously set a great example of service to others for her daughter.

They may be different from us when we were kids, but isn’t every generation? These kids today are more kind and generous than ever! We could all learn a lesson in generosity from Emily.

Thank you, Emily.

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