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Holiday Volunteering in Greater Charlottesville

As the holiday season approaches, many people call our office looking for places to volunteer with their children, friends, co-workers. With so many of our local community members in need this holiday season, there are plenty of opportunities to spend a few hours volunteering on your own or with your children, family members or friends!

Holiday volunteering word cloudFrom making scarves for the Special Olympics to volunteering at a community Thanksgiving dinner to visiting an elderly resident at a nursing home, there is an opportunity for everyone. Especially as we continue to navigate this tough economy, resources are thin and volunteers are even more crucial to local nonprofits during the holiday season and all year round.

So, take a minute to think about what you can do for the community this holiday season. Do you have an hour to spare? Could you knit a scarf for the Special Olympics while you watch a television show one night? Could you and your children take an hour or two one weekend to collect food for the food pantry? Could you head to the mall a few hours early for that lunch date with friends to volunteer with the Angel Tree?

As busy as we all are this holiday season, I think we can all spare an hour of our time to lift up someone in need in our community. To open our hearts to the needs of others. To share a smile. To make a difference. To Live United.

To learn how you can volunteer this holiday season, click here or visit our Volunteer Center website.

 Posted by Jessica Snyder, Director, United Way Volunteer Center

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