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Addressing Our Community's Needs

Peter Brooks 008I joined our United Way Board in 2004 because I was impressed by the strong, broad-based leadership and support for our United Way that has maintained its stability for nearly 70 years. Since then, I’ve learned so much about our United Way, and I’m more impressed than ever.

Today, I’m involved and engaged in a number of ways. I serve on the Executive Committee, providing oversight as we work on current local needs; on the Strategic Planning Committee, determining our direction for the next several years; and as an Endowment Trustee, addressing sustainability for future needs. Our United Way consistently seeks innovative, effective ways to address community needs today while securing the organization’s future for those who come after us.

We cannot know what tomorrow will bring for our community, but it is our responsibility to be prepared to meet the unknown needs of the future. I’m so proud to be a part of our United Way as we do just that.



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