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Why We Give: Vanessa and Fred Greer

Greers 1We love this community, and we love to be involved as best we can. Since Vanessa is from New Orleans and Fred from Charleston SC, naturally it’s often through food and making people feel welcome: Vanessa cooking for a fundraiser at Beer Run, or Fred serving dinner at the Salvation Army. But, we both believe that the one of the best ways we help those in the most need is through our involvement with the United Way-Thomas Jefferson Area.

Between the two of us, we’ve spent time on the United Way Board of Directors, the annual Campaign Team, working on the “One Fine Day” event, and on the Program Review and Funding Committee. We’ve worked alongside incredibly committed volunteers and talented staff, and we’ve seen first-hand how much is accomplished when we all bring our time, talents, and gifts together through our United Way.

Our United Way connects the whole community: small businesses like Beer Run, where Vanessa works; bigger companies like The Daily Progress, where Fred works; nonprofits; social services; the University; and caring individuals—all working together through our United Way to create amazing results for our community.

We’ve also had a lot of fun, and have been so rewarded with friendships and with the satisfaction that we’re able to have an impact every day through our United Way. Join us and Live United!

Vanessa Greer

Director of Marketing

Beer Run


Fred Greer

Regional Director of Sales and Audience Growth, Virginia

Media General



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