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A Caring Commitment

Its official: our United Way Laurence E. Richardson Day of Caring season has come to a close. On Friday, October 21, more than forty of our neighbors at Hantzmon Wiebel set out to complete five of the projects that were either not completed in September or hadn’t been finished that day. Hantzmon Wibel DOC 005 small

The folks at the venerable accounting firm are in the middle of a busy season in September and can’t participate during our United Way Day of Caring, so we always appreciate their commitment to participate in October.

Hantzmon Wibel DOC 008 small Their day kicked off with a few quick speakers and a delicious barbecue lunch in their parking lot. Afterwards, the teams headed out to their project sites and some of the United Way staff ventured out to visit the sites.


Kim Connolly and I had the pleasure of visiting the teams at the Ronald McDonald House, Ivy Creek Foundation and Woodbrook Elementary School. The teams were accomplishing huge projects for these nonprofits and schools including demolishing old wells, removing invasive plants, installing patios, and painting furniture. Most importantly, each group of volunteers was smiling and talking about the connections that had been made with the nonprofit or school they were volunteering with.

Hantzmon Wibel DOC 012smallAs we wrap up the United Way Day of Caring season, I can’t help but to reflect on my first year working with this event and the results that I hope came from the projects.

  • I hope that at least one of the volunteers will go back to the agency that they worked with on the United Way Day of Caring and volunteer again.
  • I hope that all of the volunteers will make a commitment to find ways to volunteer throughout the year by visiting www.cvillevolunteer.org.
  • I hope that the nonprofits and schools made some great connections with the volunteers and will invite them back for events, volunteer opportunities or even board membership.
  • I hope that other members in the community saw the United Way Day of Caring on the news, read about it on Twitter, saw pictures of it on Facebook and will get involved next year.

Hantzmon Wibel DOC 013smallI am left feeling so optimistic about the community and the possibilities of the impact this event has and will continue to have on all of us. Now that we’ve wrapped up the projects, I am eager to get to work on next year’s event to make sure that it is more successful, more impactful and more meaningful than ever!


Posted by Jessica Snyder, United Way Volunteer Center Director

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