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Mother Nature Reminds Us Who is Boss

Last week, a 5.8 earthquake was centered about 30 miles east of Charlottesville in rural Louisa County. As this is a rare event for Virginia and the East Coast, we are all on a learning curve. For instance, we have learned that regular homeowner’s insurance does not cover earthquake damage.

What we do know is that there was significant damage to buildings close to the epicenter,(photos here) including Louisa High School and Thomas Jefferson Elementary School. The high school will use the middle school building for alternate days with the middle school, with the high school using the building for extended hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the middle school staff and students in there on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Yes, that is correct – Saturday.

The elementary school will combine with the other county elementary school and add 25 additional mobile units, with a staggered start to accommodate school buses.

For now, all schools in the county (which began school in mid-August) are closed until Sept. 6 and their school year has been extended to June 15.

We can only imagine how this will affect families and teachers in terms of child care for younger children and schedules for sports and other extra curricular activities, plus family events for those in middle and high school.

Then, to top off the misery, along comes hurricane Irene. Now those families with earthquake related holes in their homes had to contend with high winds and heavy rains and even more power outages. And, most homeowner’s insurance does not cover flood damage, either.

We urge those of you who want to help to consider donating to the Fluvanna/Louisa Housing Foundation Emergency Fund and/or the Red Cross of Central Virginia.


Posted by Kim Connolly



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