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Calls for Help

Martha Trujillo, our Community Outreach Coordinator, who runs our Information and Referral Center, reported at our staff meeting this week that in January and February of this year, we answered nearly 2,000 phone calls. The majority of those were from people responding to our advertising of free tax preparation through the Thomas Jefferson Area Earned Income Tax Credit Coalition (coordinated by United Way-Thomas Jefferson Area). However, others were for our Insurance for Children Project, Child Care Scholarships and Prescription Assistance programs. And, as usual, many were from people seeking help for a variety of issues, ranging from utility and rent assistance, to assistance with immigration forms.

 Each phone call represents a person or family seeking help to better their lives. We are proud of our staff members who are on the front lines of changing lives and who have worked with these callers to provide information, support and direct services. We also know that it is a team effort, from raising the funds that make it possible for us to provide these services, to those who keep our records up to date so we have the information we need at our fingertips. Our staff rocks!

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