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Shaele Wood, United Way Volunteer Center Director

Today is a melancholy day for United Way-Thomas Jefferson Area. After nearly 12 years as part of our family, Shaele Wood is moving on to a new professional challenge with the Darden Foundation. While we are happy for Shaele, she has been an integral part of our team for so long, we are having a hard time imagining her not being here.
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Shaele had two wonderful daughters during her time here. Each spent her first year coming to work with her every day. They are part of our family, too.

Shaele knows that we have her on speed dial for the inevitable questions that will come up. She has spent the last couple of weeks trying to impart 12 years of knowledge onto the various staff members who will carry on her many duties until a new Volunteer Center director is hired and brought up to speed.

We are hoping to find that special person who can singlehandedly run the entire Day of Caring, with 2,500 volunteers from 70 businesses and organizations, plus coordinate with more than 100 nonprofits and schools to offer more than 200 meaningful projects in one day.

Without a hitch on the actual day.

And that is just one facet of the job, albeit the most visible one.

Although I’m normally not at a loss for words, I’m finding it very hard to put into words all Shaele has meant to us AND the entire community. Were we to list Shaele’s many attributes, this post would go on forever, so if you’d like, leave a comment for or about her.

Shaele, we love you and wish you all the best.


Posted by: Kim Connolly

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