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A Mother's Story | Child Care Scholarships

On a recent Wednesday, “Joan”, a single mother who has been looking for a job for nearly two years, called our office in a panic. She had finally been offered a job, but the employer needed her to start on Friday, and she needed to find and pay for child care for her 18 month old son, “Alex”. IStock_000013741200Medium
Our staff told her to come in, and Martha Trujillo, Community Outreach Coordinator, and Pamela Frank, EITC Coalition Coordinator and Child Care Scholarship Case Worker, helped her obtain a United Way Child Care Scholarship by identifying a child care provider and verifying her employment. What is normally a two week process was completed in two days so that this mother, who for so long had been seeking a better life for herself and her son, was able to begin work. “Alex” is in a stable child care setting, learning new social skills and experiencing new developmental activities. “Joan” and “Alex” are on a journey to self-sufficiency, thanks to the efforts of our staff and the generosity of our donors. By supporting the United Way-Thomas Jefferson Area, you are helping change lives every day.


Posted by Kim Connolly

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