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Are We Preparing Our Children for Success in School? | Smart Beginnings Pianta Presentation

In spite of heavy morning rains, Bavaro Grand Hall was “standing-room-only” on September 30!  Ninety-five people from all sectors of our community (school board members, parents, board of supervisor members, business leaders, community service directors and child care teachers) came to the Curry School of Education to listen to Dr Pianta’s analysis of the key components necessary to move our community forward to the next stage of school readiness.

Umbrellas in hand, we were curious to tour the new Bavaro Hall building.  Thanks to Jeanne Stovall for leading the tour and providing an insider’s perspective of this beautiful building!   More people arrived for the reception and lively conversation ensued.  Personally, I was thrilled to have a chance to talk with the wide range of folks that came.  I shared our “Getting Ready” booklet and resources with a parent whose young child had developmental delays, met with Tracy Eppard, Creigh Deeds legislative aide and talked about metaphorically and literally getting into the “weeds” with school board and board of supervisors members as they recounted their Day of Caring project.

Thanks to Eric Johnson, Smart Beginnings vice chair, for “setting the stage” with his introduction and highlights of Smart Beginnings’ progress-to-date.  Bob Pianta’s presentation was informative and inspiring as he highlighted several key areas that we need to address as a community.  His presentation content and subsequent probing questions will help to move Smart Beginnings forward in our community. 

Smart Beginnings and Curry School of Education jointly hosted Bob Pianta’s presentation, Are We Preparing Our Children for Success in School? Planning and Action for School Readiness in Charlottesville and Albemarle on September 30, 2010 in Bavaro Grand Hall, Curry School of Education, University of Virginia.

View photos from the event and watch the podcast here.

Posted by Miriam Rushfinn

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