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Meet Charlottesville’s Media

This Thursday night, rival media outlets will lay aside their competing interests and instead come together to show their support of a local nonprofit that has a far-reaching impact on our community: the United Way-Thomas Jefferson Area.

Siips_Bistro Logo George Benford, owner of Siips Wine and Champagne Bar on the Downtown Mall, has for several months hosted a different local nonprofit every Thursday evening for a charity “Celebrity Bartender” event. George donates 10% of the gross sales to the nonprofit, plus the tips for the celebrity bartenders. Each of these events has had a different theme, so when George approached us about holding our own event, we decided to give a shout out to our friends in all the local media outlets. We have been very fortunate to have strong support from our local media, because they know how the work we do helps strengthen our entire community. Just today, The Daily Progress ran an editorial that started with this line: “Our region is fortunate to have an organization as hardworking, as gifted and as prudent as the United Way-Thomas Jefferson Area.” Thank you! It is wonderful to have that kind of endorsement.

We hope you will stop by Siips Thursday evening between 5:30 and 7:30 and meet the people behind the microphones: Jay James, sports director at NewsRadio 1070 WINA (Charlottesville Radio Group); and Steve Walker, morning DJ on Generations 102.3 (Monticello Media); in front of the cameras: Henry Graff of NBC29; and Travis Koshko of Charlottesville Newsplex; behind the printed word: Jay Jenkins, sports writer for The Daily Progress; and Hawes Spencer, editor of The Hook; and finally, because we fully appreciate the power of social media (this blog, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook), Amy Eastlack, “Suzy” of SuzySaid.com Charlottesville, will ably represent social media.

Here is your chance to meet these folks face to face and talk to them about sports, music, local events and news and even the weather!

We hope to meet you there.

Posted by Kim Connolly.

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