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Outlook Reminders

We tease one of our colleagues here at the United Way about their Outlook reminders chiming away for a long, long time every morning when they open their email. Lately, I’m afraid that I am beginning to be equally as guilty. There are so many deadlines, events, meetings, photo shoots, articles to be written and follow-ups to meetings, that the only way to remember them all is to put reminders on the calendar.

Summer seems like it should be a slower time, and it is true that several staff have had vacations lately, but instead it seems like we are busier than ever. My reminders include the Keswick-United Way Golf Classic on July 26, publicity for project sign-ups for the United Way Laurence E. Richardson Day of Caring on September 22, article deadlines for Albemarle Family Magazine, our annual report to write and lay out, media interviews, a new staff photo to organize (try getting 12 people to all have the same day and time available) and the need to triage other opportunities that present themselves.

Martha Trujillo, our Information and Referral Center Specialist, reports that she is getting calls for utility or rent assistance, plus calls for summer camp scholarships for children. Some folks need cooling assistance, while others can’t pay their electric bills to run fans or air conditioning. It is very hard when people call once they are in a crisis, instead of trying to avert the crisis.

Jennifer Zadory, our Outreach Worker for the Insurance for Children Project, has been helping a steady stream of families apply for FAMIS. Albemarle County Schools has done a great job letting parents know about the program in all the materials they sent home at the end of school and in newsletters. Many parents need health insurance for their children to attend camps. Leah Hill, who runs our Child Care Scholarship Program has been trying to help working parents who need partial day camp scholarships.

Summer slowdown? Not here at the United Way.

Posted by Kim Connolly.

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