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Spring is in the air but, believe it or not – now is the time to register for kindergarten!

During this Week of the Young Child – it’s a good time to think about registering for kindergarten.

Why register for kindergarten in spring? 

Starting school is an exciting, big step for every 5 year old!  Going to kindergarten is a huge transition in a child’s life.  In fact, it is a transition not only for the child; many parents say that it was very emotional for them as well the first time their child got on the school bus.  The better-prepared families are for this transition, the more successful children can be at school. 

Because parents are a child’s first and most important teacher, educational and enriching activities at home are critically important to a child’s academic and social adjustment to school.   Parents can also help by talking with rising kindergartners about the start of school, visiting the school and preparing for school routines in advance helps children be ready to succeed.

Registering now is another way to help your child be better prepared and more comfortable at school.  You and your child can visit the school in advance, meet teachers and receive important information.  There may be summer opportunities, meetings and orientations to attend.  Some schools host kindergarten summer camps. Registering now helps your child’s school be better prepared for your child.

Please view this Smart Beginnings flyer for additional information on how to register for kindergarten or apply for the public preschool programs in Charlottesville and Albemarle.

Posted by Miriam Rushfinn.

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