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Free Tax Preparation: It Is Your Money. Earn it. Keep it. Save it.

Piggy bank photo It is January, and that means W-2 forms are coming from employers so we all can file our tax returns. The good news is that for those with household incomes of $49,000 or less, FREE tax preparation is available through the Thomas Jefferson Area Earned Income Tax Credit Coalition.

And the news gets even better, the IRS trained and certified volunteers working at the 11 sites throughout this region are specifically tasked with helping people receive all the tax credits for which they are eligible. The IRS estimates that nearly 20% of people who are eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) don’t claim it.

Last year the EITC Coalition helped more than 800 local taxpayers save over $161,000 in tax preparation fees, more than $603,000 in tax credits and claim almost $1 million in total refunds. There is a reason why their motto is Earn it. Keep it. Save it!

This year the coalition has added new tax preparation sites at the UVA Community Credit Union branches in Greene, Fluvanna and Louisa counties, and hope to help many more people keep and save their hard-earned dollars.

Today we held the first of two seminars for local employers on the Earned Income Tax Credit and services that the coalition offers. Thank you to UVA Community Credit Union for organizing and sponsoring these seminars and to the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce for outreach efforts to employers. If you missed today’s seminar, come tomorrow at 11am to the Betty J. Queen Intergenerational Center in Louisa to learn more and pick up a free toolkit for employers.

If you have any questions at all please visit www.UnitedWayTJA.org/taxaid, or call Megan Liddle at (434) 972 1708.

Photos from today's event follow.


Posted by Megan Liddle.

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