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Thank You State Farm

Kim Connolly and I just had a quick meeting at Charlottesville’s Regional State Farm Insurance office. This building is HUGE—so huge that it has its own ZIP code! So huge that it has two robots who roam the miles of hallways to deliver the mail to that ZIP code! So huge that it holds around 1,300 of the nicest, most generous folks- the Good Neighbors of State Farm.

State Farm is a tremendous supporter of the United Way-Thomas Jefferson Area.

Today Kim and I met with Melissa Peters, the 2009 United Way Campaign Chair for State Farm. It is no small task to organize a fundraising campaign for nearly 1,300 people. Under her leadership, State Farm conducted a multi-faceted campaign with special events and other fundraisers that raised over $43,000 for the United Way. The company also made a corporate gift of over $32,000. Today Melissa presented us with checks from the special fundraising events. What a great way to end the year!

State Farm is full of super heroes: folks who LIVE UNITED every day. They GIVE, as a company and as the individuals working there. They ADVOCATE about the United Way and other causes and issues. And, they VOLUNTEER in droves. Special thanks from the United Way to Peggy Echols, Melissa Peters, Tom Barnes, Jude Fricano, Kevin Morgan, Loretta Hernandez, the State farm Gospel Choir, and the many other State Farm folks who have worked so hard to serve the community through their volunteer efforts at the United Way-Thomas Jefferson Area.

Posted by Caroline Emerson.

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