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Football and Rain

Two months ago, the University of Virginia’s Department of Athletic Marketing & Promotion contacted us and offered us a large group of tickets to a home football game as part of their community outreach. We consulted the football gods and our calendars and decided on the October 24 game against Georgia Tech. We knew that GT was supposed to have a strong team this year.

We contacted our volunteers and many local small business people who always go above and beyond the call of duty for us and offered them tickets. Our staff looked forward to bringing family and friends to the game. Our campaign volunteers used ticket giveaways as incentives.

We had a lot of fun in the month preceding the game in being able to thank so many people by giving them and their families tickets to a football game. Several people told us it was going to be their first UVA football game since they could not afford to buy tickets for an entire family.

KentWilliamsonandWife We watched the weather reports – looked like chance of rain. We told folks to bring ponchos and towels to keep their seats dry. The big day dawned – RAIN! At first there were just a few minor showers. But as soon as they kicked off, the skies opened up. Soon the stands started to empty, even though the game in the first half was pretty good. Those clad in ponchos seemed to last the longest, and some toughed it out to the end, including Kent Williamson of Paladin Media Group, pictured here with his family.

If nothing else, the game was memorable for the misery of sitting there in the pouring rain. That and watching folks create a terrific mudslide on Williamsonfamily the Hill.

Too bad watching the game did not turn out to have been as much fun as giving the tickets away to   appreciative folks. Still, we now have the story of “Remember the year UVA gave us all those football tickets…?”

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