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So little time, but such a big impact!

It took five minutes.

Kim had written a public service announcement (PSA), and asked me to record it. I adapted it for two voices, thinking that as long as Jay James would be sitting there recording the PSA at WINA, he could read a few lines, too. He’s the professional, after all, the one with The Smooth Radio Voice.

I’d read over the script several times, trying different inflections and different speeds (the spot had to time at just under 60 seconds). On Friday, I made a copy of the script for Jay and headed over to the studios of the Charlottesville Radio Group (WINA AM1070, 97.5FM 3WV, Z95.1FM, and AM1450).

I arrived a few minutes early, so I would have time to get some water and read the script one more time. Moments after I arrived, however, Jay rushed out to greet me. What, no time for vocal exercises? No warm-up? Not even time to stretch?

Jay and I headed back to the booth. I waved at Jane Foy through the window of the studio where she and Rick Daniels were doing the “WINA Morning News with Rick and Jane” show. I love those guys!

In the booth, Jay cranked up the microphones and computer, and glanced over the lines. “Let’s do it!” he shouted, and pointed at me. “Any time, Miss Caroline Emerson from the United Way,” he said, and I blurted out the first line.

The PSA has a serious topic: we’re talking about how your support of the United Way-Thomas Jefferson Area helps local people with all kinds of needs, from counseling abused children to assistance with obtaining prescription medication.

Sixty seconds later we were done and listening to it. I asked for a do-over, just to make it a little better. We recorded it again, this time a little cleaner, and that was that.

Even though the PSA was on a serious topic, as always when Jay James is involved, I had fun recording it. Take a moment to listen to it and see if we captured the spirit of giving, advocating, and volunteering for the United Way.

Thank you to Jay James for his ever-cheerful willingness to help the United Way-Thomas Jefferson Area. He doesn’t just wear the shirt, he lives it!  And many thanks to the good folks at the Charlottesville Radio Group for their years of support.

Posted by Caroline Emerson.

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