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Holiday Assistance Deadlines, Already!


Well it’s October 1st. It’s getting a bit cooler but by no means feels like the holiday season is upon us already…or is it? Here at United Way we are gearing up for the holiday season as holiday assistance deadlines are already upon us. It’s been a hard year in our country, we all know it. We want everyone to know it is okay to ask for help this year. If your financial situation is unsure, go ahead and apply for assistance. It’s better to ask for the support now and later be able to say ‘thank you but I will not need your help’ than to struggle through the holiday season. 

Click here to view the flyer with all of the contact information you may need.  Please note you may only apply for assistance at one agency, so carefully review the eligibility information to see which agency could best serve you.  Any questions, give us a call at 434.972.1701.


Posted by Leah Hill

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