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A Highlight of Our Year

The Agnor-Hurt Elementary School faculty encourages a continuous involvement in the United Way Laurence E. Richardson Day of Caring. The first step is sending in our project requests.

It is hard to explain how wonderful this day has been for our school.  The Day of Caring continues to brighten the beginning of our school year.  At Agnor-Hurt it is one of our most rewarding days. It is a day where our caring businesses and organizations help model the importance and value of volunteerism. As adults, we realize the importance of working together with surrounding organizations to model civic responsibility.  

2009-07-21_AgnorHurt The students at Agnor-Hurt are given an opportunity to share their huge hearts. They love reaching out to thank the many volunteers who enter our doors. Over the years projects have included: painting the US and World Maps on our blacktop, planting flower bulbs for the spring, giving our school mascot, ALEX, a fresh coat of paint for the  paw prints that track in and around the school, planting  trees, reading to our students, working in the library, and adding educational art to our walls such as compass rose and our student of the month art window.  One of our greatest resources is to get involve and MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  Thank you to our many volunteers who do just that. Our staff cannot remember when we did not participate or would want to begin the year without sharing in this special event. It is a highlight of our year. 

Thank you Day of Caring for being like Hallmark Cards: you cared enough to send us your VERY BEST volunteers.

Posted by guest blogger, Gwen Hairston, Agnor-Hurt Elementary School


With more than 3,000 volunteers expected to register this year, please consider all nonprofit agencies and schools (including child care centers) where you work, volunteer or support and encourage them to register projects.  A Project Development Toolkit is available to help organizations identify needed projects, and United Way staff is eager to help, as well.  Please visit our website or contact Shaele Wood for more information (434-972-1705).

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