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Fluvanna SPCA Benefits from Returning Volunteers

The 2008 Day Of Caring at the Fluvanna SPCA was 'Ladies Day' at the shelter.  The Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women employees who volunteered this year were all women this year as was the representative from the FSPCA.  The group went to work clearing out our storage trailer, sorting, repacking and transporting everything to a rented storage unit.  We also filled the dumpster to the brim with old and unusable items.  A very dusty and dirty day was turned into a fun day with many discoveries of hidden treasures and a great al fresco lunch.

The staff of the Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women has been volunteering at the FSPCA shelter for several years now.  They have built an exercise area for the dogs, cleaned the dog runs from top to bottom and helped us get a good start on clearing out our trailers.  The FSPCA looks forward to seeing this group again in September and I'm sure we'll have another 'special' project for them.

Posted by guest blogger, Claire Waters, Fluvanna SPCA
Claire Waters

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