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Kudos to Monticello Media and Paladin Media Group

Thanks to the wonderful folks at Monticello Media and Paladin Media Group, our community knows more about Smart Beginnings and how to support our youngest children.  They worked with a wonderful Chamber of Commerce Leadership Charlottesville team in collaboration with Smart Beginnings and lent their expertise and studio time to developing radio and TV public service announcements for Smart Beginnings. These technical media wizards were incredible.

Yesterday, the Leadership Charlottesville team had a chance to thank them for their patience, expertise and creativity.  We also let them know that the PSA’s developed have been so effective and well received that there is interest in using them in other localities around the state.

Please click here if you would like to see/hear the PSAs.

Thank you to the members of the Leadership Charlottesville Team, Linda Kolker, Dennis Mockler, Anita Showers, Tom Cox, Carol Coffey and Michael O’Donnell for bringing the Smart Beginnings message of “Ready for School. Ready for Life” to the public in such creative ways.  And many thanks to the professionals at Monticello Media and Paladin Media Group for bringing those ideas to life.

 Monticello Media thank you by Leadership Charlottesville

Pictured above with Monticello Media staff.

Paladin Media Group thank you by Leadership Charlottesville 

Pictured above with Paladin Media Group staff.

Paladin Media Group extraordinaire

Posted by Miriam Rushfinn.

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