Meetings, Meetings Everwhere!

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One of the constants of life here at the United Way-Thomas Jefferson Area is meetings. Our staff members are rarely all in the office at the same time. What we do is all about interaction, partnerships, information sharing, and collaboration. We are always either hosting or attending meetings with other nonprofit, media, business, government, education and health care leaders in our community.  

So here is a brief rundown of some of the meeting our staff members are attending this week:
Martha Trujillo has a couple of meetings this week with the Creciendo Juntos group: one was on using websites to access information, and the next will be a roundtable discussion for local nonprofits that interact with the Latino community.

Cathy Train and Jon Nafziger hosted a meeting here of community leaders to review 15 grant applications for the Initiative for Effective Nonprofits, which is a partnership between the United Way and the Wardle Family Foundation.

Shaele Wood and volunteer Brandon Oliver met to plan a blog marathon for the Day of Caring. Brandon will be contacting nonprofit agencies who have benefitted from Day of Caring projects and also companies who participated as volunteers, and asking them to write testimonials about their experiences that we can post on this blog. It will be similar to March’s “Mentor. Tutor. Pass it on!” blog marathon, with a new post each day.

Kim Connolly, Shaele Wood and our summer intern, Ladi Smith, met with Ali Rothschild from Charlottesville Newsplex to plan their series of TV ads supporting the Day of Caring.

Caroline Emerson met with volunteer Margo Szeliga to work on Margo’s role in coordinating raffle donations and hole sponsorships for our upcoming Keswick-United Way Golf Classic.

Cathy Train went to a City Council work session on their funding process for nonprofits and was asked to share United Way’s process for reviewing grant applications. Her comments were picked up and aired on WINA Newsradio1070.

Helen Frye, as she does three times a week, went to the Charlottesville Free Clinic to meet with patients who qualify for free prescriptions from pharmaceutical companies and walk them through the application process.

Miriam Rushfinn met with Mike Chinn, chair of Smart Beginnings Leadership Council’s Measure School Readiness group and City and County data specialists to look at school readiness data findings.

Later this week Miriam will travel to Richmond to attend a board meeting of the Virginia Parent Information Resource Center.

Jon Nafziger has a meeting of the Partnership for Children executive committee meeting, coordinating services of agencies serving children age 0-6.

Leah Hill met with Shaele Wood to go over changes to the Day of Caring website.

Reimi Okuyama is gathering information to plan sessions for community outreach for low and middle income families and individuals impacted by the recession.

And those are just the first few days of the week!

Posted by Kim Connolly.