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Introducing…The United Way Segway Drill Team!

‘Twas a dark and stormy day - OK, maybe gray and a light mist – when six intrepid United Way staff members met in a Crozet subdivision to practice their drill team moves on Segways.

Back in January, one of us had the bright idea to participate in the Dogwood Festival Parade as the United Way Segway Drill Team. (We have blogged before about our partnership with Don Rich, owner of the soon-to-open Seg-Ville store in Crozet and how he has allowed us to use his Segways for events like our Day of Caring.) Six staff members volunteered to participate, and Alaina Schroeder, our Data Manager, who has marching band experience, became our fearless leader/choreographer.

We have been practicing on foot in our parking lot, and drawing some stares from passersby. Scheduling has been tricky, but appropriately, all six of us were available to meet Don in Crozet on April Fools Day. The light rain that greeted us upon our arrival did not deter us!

Alaina organized us, and our ready-for-anything intern, Jean, photographed and videoed. Our biggest fear was of sideswiping each other’s tires, but we were well trained and knew our moves.

We’ll be practicing a lot more on foot and at least once more on Segways. If you see a group of adults walking around in circles in our parking lot, we’d appreciate encouragement instead of laughter.

If you want to see the finished performance, come out to the Dogwood Festival Parade on Saturday, April 25. We guarantee it will be memorable and entertaining!


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Posted by Kim Connolly.

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