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What do a tutor, kids and penguins have in common?

I am a newcomer to the FISH program, and I have found it to be quite an interesting concept.  I was placed with a first grade class at Burnley Moran Elementary School last December to help the home teacher.  Last week I had the children in groups of 4-7 at the back table in the classroom where they usually can choose a book to read, but this time they all crowded around my computer while I gave them a slide show of my recent trip to Antarctica.  When the teacher learned I had made this trip she asked if I would “talk” to them about it sometime.  They saw the several species of penguins and seals and the large Petrels and Albatrosses that inhabit the region as well as the beautiful scenery with the enormous sculptural icebergs. They were all very enthusiastic, as most had seen the film Happy Feet or March of the Penguins.    

Posted by guest blogger, Meredith Mercer.

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