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Invest in a future. Mentor a child.

We are so excited to announce that Walton Middle School is in its very first year of having a mentoring program.  It’s been a wonderful experience.  At the beginning of the year we were just getting the word out, however, in six short months, we have ten mentors serving twelve kids on a regular basis.  It’s a small program right now, but to those twelve kids, it’s a significant one. Our program has a very simple concept. Mentors come to the school once a week and have lunch with their mentor student.  During the lunch times, mentors and kids get to talk about the ups and downs of the week while sometimes playing a game or two.  UNO is a favorite amongst the kids.   We’ve seen a huge change in these kids since an adult took the time to be invested in their life.  Grades and the belief in their self-worth have increased while discipline issues have decreased…all because of a weekly lunch date!! Amazing! 

Some of my students wanted to share their thoughts about having a mentor…

“I like my mentor.  It is great and she is nice.  She changed my life.”
      ~6th grade Walton student

“My mentor is so nice.  She is very cheerful.  She is so awesome!”
      ~8th grade Walton Student

“My mentor is very funny and understanding.  I feel that when we talk, she actually listens to me and understands me.  I feel that she is a person I can talk to and trust.”
      ~7th grade Walton student

“I enjoy being with my mentor because we can talk about anything and it stays secret.  And also it’s like a get away so I can talk about my feelings.”
      ~8th grade Walton student

“Having a mentor is awesome and I love it!! I think it’s fun and a lot funner to talk about problems than to talk to counselors (no offense).”
      ~7th grade Walton student

“The mentoring program is extremely fun and I really enjoy talking with my mentor.  She is a great person and is real fun.  I look forward to Wednesdays just so I can talk to her.”
      ~8th grade Walton student

Our wish for the program is for any student that would desire a mentor to be able to have one.  Walton has a huge need for mentors and a huge waiting list for students.  The commitment would be minimal, only one hour a week during the school year; however, the impact will be felt by these kids for a lifetime.  If you are interested in becoming a mentor at Walton Middle School, please contact the guidance office at 434.977.5615.

Posted by guest bloggers Kim Long, Walton School Counselor and Renee Lundgren, Family Support Worker

This blog is part of a Blog Marathon aimed to bring awareness to our community of the current needs for mentors and tutors.  Visit www.cvillevolunteer.org to learn about how YOU can make a difference in the life of a child.

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