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Cheese, Chocolate and Volleyball

My volleyball team decided at the last minute that they wanted to get together for a Christmas dinner and they happened to pick The Melting Pot this week, which worked out just perfectly because it coincided with our Dine United event to support the United Way-Thomas Jefferson Area.

My girlfriends and I met up last night with great anticipation for a night of delicious food and wonderful company.  The eight of us enjoyed giving Joe Thomas, our guest server, a hard time as he prepared our cheese, brought our drinks and tried to remember all of the "hot" warnings that he had to relay to us to keep us safe from our steaming pots of yummy goodness.  We all got the Dine United special which includes the cheese (with bread, veggies and apples!), a fantastic salad (who knew that a fondue place would have such amazing salads?), an entree (including tuna, shrimp, tenderloin and chicken with an array of dipping sauces) and a dessert platter to die for (just imagine the brownies, cheesecake, strawberries, pound cake, marshmallows...is your mouth watering yet?).

It was unreal.  They kept warning us to wrap up our salads and cook and wrap up our entrees to leave room for our desserts.  Did we do that?  No, we just kept shoveling the food in.  We just couldn't help ourselves.  And it was totally worth it.  Everyone loved the experience, commenting on how it's so fun to come around the table and talk.  There's no rush of moving your meal along.  It's just time to sit and enjoy each others' company.

Now if only I can stop being full before I go back to The Melting Pot for lunch today with the rest of the United Way staff! Check back later for more on that experience.

Reservations are strongly recommended.  Please call the Melting Pot at 244-3463 to make your reservations and let them know you're coming in to DINE UNITED.  Remember, $10 of each meal is a tax deductible donation to the United Way.

Below is Joe Thomas preparing the very yummy Fiesta cheese.

United Way 010 

Kim and I waiting to dig into it!

United Way 011 

Our good friend Megan Huffman from Charlottesville Newsplex Dined United with her husband and friends.  Thanks for coming out, Megan!

 United Way 017 

Posted by Shaele Wood.

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