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Your neighbors need your help

Thanks to radio ads running on all the Monticello Media radio stations (and soon on Charlottesville Radio Group stations) alerting people of the registration deadlines for holiday assistance programs to provide toys or holiday meals, our phones have been ringing off the hook.



It is a mixed blessing. We wanted to run the ads so that people would know about the deadlines for the Salvation Army and Toy Lift. We suspect that many people will have to ask for help for the first time this year and would not know that the sign-ups are NOW. Every year in December we get phone calls from people who were probably hoping that things would turn around for them and they would not have to ask for help. Those are hard calls to answer because by December, all the formal assistance programs are not taking new people. So, the many phone calls we are receiving now are great because those people can sign up in time.



Groceries4However, we are hearing from agencies that their resources are already stretched. So now our media interviews will be directed to those who can help. The food banks are running out of food and some are already empty. Please support whatever food drive you hear of, or, better yet, start one of your own at your place of work, school or worship. Every little bit helps. Visit the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank’s website for a list of most needed items.



When Toy Lift rolls around in early December, please buy and drop off a toy. Challenge yourself to give up just one luxury this holiday season and instead put that money towards a family in need of toys or food. Support the Salvation Army Thrift Store by making a purchase or donating a quality item. Or call them to volunteer.



How can you Live United? Join hands, Open your heart. Lend your muscle. Find your voice. Think of We before Me.



Please reach out this holiday and all winter season.


Posted by Kim Connolly.


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