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A Day in the Life of a United Way Intern

Hello Neighbors! Your friendly United Way Intern here. I thought I would give you all a brief insider peek at my experience so far at the United Way-Thomas Jefferson Area. Interning here has been a blast, and I promise I’m not just saying that. When I come in to the office, I never quite know what to expect. I think the best way to show you just what I mean is to give you some highlights of my first month.

September 2nd: It’s my first full week as an intern, and already I’m attending meetings! I met Caroline at the Virginia National Bank for the Women United meeting. It was awesome to hear about the various works they are doing for our community. What an incredible group of motivated and dedicated women!

September 9th: Today I attended my first Community Executives meeting. Each member shared their campaign presentation, and I had the chance to hear a small part of their personal stories. It was inspiring to see these community leaders, who come from all different backgrounds and areas of our community, come together to advocate for the United Way.

September 12th: Gonzo’s Nose, a Board member’s band, played tonight at Wild Wing Café to kick-off the Day of Caring. I left the office a little early to help set up, which was a lesson in being flexible and creative. The event turned out to be really entertaining—not only did I get to help raise money for a great cause, but I heard awesome live music too! When I later told my friends about my day, they were all impressed that I get to intern at such a fun place.

IMG_2089September 17th: The United Way Day of Caring! After much preparation and hard work by all the staff, the big day had finally arrived. After waking up at 6:15am(unheard of for college students) to leave for the kick-off breakfast, I arrived at 7am to a fun surprise. The staff informed me that I could learn how to ride a Segway! Although I was a bit hesitant at first, I soon find my “Segway-legs.” We then used them to ride around and pass out raffle cards to the volunteers. What an interesting way to start the day!

As you can see, my first month has been full of adventures. But it’s not just been about the exciting events I’ve attended. Most importantly, I’ve had the opportunity to work with, meet, and learn from fun, passionate people that really care about helping our community—what more could I ask for?

Posted by Jean Adler.

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