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Photographer in a Funny Hat

Today I took my daughter to see Jim Carpenter at Gitchell's Studios.  Not for a photo shoot to celebrate a milestone or a holiday, but to capture her sweet little face for inclusion in our new marketing campaign: Live United.  She'll be one of many of our local models--people in our community who embody what it means to give, advocate and volunteer.  Of course, she has very few volunteer hours under her little belt, but most of the people you'll come to know through our marketing campaign have a rich history of giving to this community.  Jim has graciously offered his time to photograph these people, all wearing the Live United t-shirt.  However, most of them won't require that he wear his funny little hat for full cooperation.
Among others, Jim has already photographed Juan Wade and his daughter, Liza Borches, Lisa Frazier, Martha Trujillo and son of staff member Jon Nafziger.  His photo will soon appear in an ad in The Hook.
The United Way wishes to thank Jim Carpenter for his continued support of this project and other United Way activities.  Keep an eye out for Jim photographed in HIS Live United t-shirt...once we get him in front of the camera.  Thanks, Jim!

Posted by Shaele Wood.

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