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It's a girl!


The United Way is delighted to announce that Rylan Leigh Frazier was born Lisa_live_united_001on April 11, 2008 to Lisa and Dave Frazier and big sister Kayla.  Lisa is the United Way Finance Director...and we can't wait to have our newest baby in the office as soon as Lisa returns from maternity leave. 

Our office is the epitome of "family-friendliness."  Like many places, employees have the flexibility to take care of family matters: dentist appointments, sick days, parent/teacher conferences and aging parents.  But we took it up a notch two years ago when Lisa and I had babies within two months of each other.  Our daughters Kayla and Dylan came to work with us each day for their first year.  The babies certainly brought a new dynamic to the office, but a very welcomed one.  While Lisa and I learned to juggle babies’ needs versus work needs (and learned quickly that we needed some extra work time at home in the evening), staff was unbelievably supportive, watching the babies while moms were in meetings, wiping up spit-up, and just quietly shutting their doors if the babies were crying (which, of course, never happened).  As the babies got older, Lisa and I would trade “play group” time.  Kayla and Dylan would take turns, playing together in Lisa’s office, and then mine.  However, we did have to keep an eye on my daughter, Dylan, who was bigger and a bit of a bully. 

In just a couple of short months, the pack-n-play, binkies, and baby rattles will all be familiar sights and sounds as we welcome Rylan Leigh to the United Way office with open arms.  Welcome to the world, sweet girl! 


Posted by Shaele Wood.

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