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Buried Treasures

Friday was “Clean Up Day” at the United Way- Thomas Jefferson Area. Two or three times a year we realize that it’s getting hard to walk around the stacks of boxes, and time to tidy up the wonderful old house we call home for the United Way. We declare a Clean Up Day, order pizza, and get to work.


The staff dove right in, sorting through about 50 boxes of materials and records: what to file, what to store offsite, what to recycle, what to…what IS that?





Our basement is especially interesting: only accessible via ladder through a Supersweetsweater_4hatch (sort of like Desmond’s station on “Lost”), it is rarely visited and often yields fascinating finds. This time around we discovered old coffeemakers, files of letters, and some photos.  The photos, of course, are keepers, but need to be identified. There are some excellent ones from what appears to be the 80’s—love those shoulder pads, ladies!





As this is the United Way- Thomas Jefferson Area’s 65th anniversary, we are currently working to better record, preserve, and share our history with the community. The newly-discovered photos will be added to our archives and perhaps incorporated into the illustrated timeline we hope to create.



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