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The Santa Fund is Now Online!

The Santa Fund officially kicked off on Thanksgiving Day with this article by Bryan McKenzie ofThe Daily Progress.

For 119 years, local residents have generously supported the Santa Fund. As a matter of fact, our United Way staff members who have been responsible for receiving and processing the Santa Fund donations, have enjoyed reading the hand written notes accompanying them; they contain stories of relationships, honor memories, send love to family members, and positive messages of support to our community.

And now you can donate online to the Santa Fund!

Each donation will be acknowledged according to the donor's wishes (you can also be anonymous) in both The Daily Progress and on WINA NewsRadio 1070.

Despite its name, the Santa Fund is not about Christmas gifts, but about extending the spirit of giving all year round to school-age children who need basic necessities like clothing, eyeglasses, shoes, coats and so on. They are identified by school counselors and given vouchers to shop for the items they need at participating retailers.

For the little boy who was wearing girl's pants to school because his mother could not afford new pants, it meant being able to buy boy's pants that fit, and fitting in with his peers at school. It is hard to put a price on something like that, but because of your generous support, something as simple as a pair of pants can have a huge impact on a child's life.

Posted by: Kim Connolly




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