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Do Nonprofits Have What They Need to Actually Solve Problems?

The Wall Street Journal ran this article on September 15: Why Can't We Sell Charity Like We Sell Perfume?

The author made the argument that it is time to change how the donating public views charities; instead of obessing with overhead and executive pay, ask instead "whether these organizations have what they need to actually solve problems."

He states, "In short, we are asking nonprofit groups to deal with social probems whose scale is beyond easy comprehension, while denying those groups the tools they need to build any meaningful scale themselves."

The greater Charlottesville area is chock full of nonprofits and the people who support them. Read the article and let us know what you think. Does he have a point? If so, how can we change the paradigm? It would also require nonprofit staff and boards to change the way they view themselves.TheBill and Melinda Gates Foundationseems to use this model of fully funding specific efforts in order to truly create change.

It is an interesting question for both nonprofits and donors to ponder.

Posted by: Kim Connolly

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