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Our United Way Has Got Talent!

In 2008, we partnered with our friend, Don Rich, owner of Zestivities! (now in Nellsyford) while he was also a Segway dealer. We had a lot of fun using Segways during our United Way Day of Caring and then had the idea to create a "United Way Segway Drill Team" for Charlottesville's Dogwood Festival Parade.

We had a blast practicing and then participating in the parade. Here is a blog post about it, featuring the videos we posted to YouTube. They are our most popular YouTube videos to date.

Imagine our surprise when we received this email last Friday:

-------- Original message --------
Subject:America's Got Talent Season 8


    I work for the television show America's Got Talent, and I came across some youtube videos of the United Way Segway Drill team and loved it! I couldn't find a direct email address for the team but found this one that is associated with it. I don't know if you have seen our show before but we are NBC's number one show of the summer and are the only variety talent show on television where you can be any age and have any talent! Every season we look for new and exciting talent we have never seen before and we have never had a segway drill team on our show before! I was wondering if your team would be interested in auditioning for us this season. We are going to be holding an open audition in Norfolk, VA in December and love you guys to come out for it! The routine would have to be a 90 second routine and we ask that people use current or popular music. I think NBC and our producers here in Los Angeles would really like you guys! Look forward to hearing from you!

Kayla DeFrancesco 

Assistant to Producers

Americas Got Talent

Season 8

Our current and former Segway drill team staff members could not stop laughing as we exchanged emails back and forth. Tempting as it may be to hold a reunion tour, we won't be participating, but it has been fun reliving the experience!

Posted by: Kim Connolly

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