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Happy Halloween from the United Way-Thomas Jefferson Area!

While we’re wishing a Happy Halloween to all of you, we’re also sending lots of love to those impacted by Hurricane Sandy this week. Our community was spared of the devastating impact of Sandy, but many others were not. So, as you prepare for what you’ll wear to a party tonight or what route you’ll take your kids on to trick-or-treat, also take some time to think about:

  • Volunteering: Even if you’re not able to volunteer in an area impacted by the storm, you can still get involved in your community! Check out Charlottesville area opportunities here or learn how to help in areas impacted by the hurricane here.
  • Donating:The Red Cross is working hard in their recovery efforts in the Northeast and you can learn about getting involved with their efforts here. You can also contact organizations like the Red Cross or Virginia Blood Services about donating blood.
  • Making an Emergency Plan:Natural disasters like Sandy, fires, floods and more can impact a family in the blink of an eye. Check out FEMA’s recommendations for making a kit and preparing a plan in case of emergencies.

Whether you are in sunny Florida, chilly Charlottesville, or snowy West Virginia, Happy Halloween from Jenny from Forrest Gump (Jessie Ray, Smart Beginnings director), June Carter Cash (Jessica Snyder, United Way Volunteer Center director) and the rest of our United Way-Thomas Jefferson Area staff. Be safe wherever you are and take time today or over the next week to volunteer, donate blood, or become educated on planning for emergencies!

 Posted by: Jessica Snyder

UW Halloween 2012

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