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Free Tax Preparation Centered at United Way

We know that the free tax preparation offered by the Thomas Jefferson Area Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Coalition is popular. After all, our United Way has been coordinating the coalition for the past five years and scheduling the appointments.

megan B.But this year, it seems the phones have been busier than ever. In fact, since Friday, February 1 - five business days ago - we have fielded just over 280 phone calls and counting. And, since we began services on January 22, well over 200 returns have already been prepared.

The person fielding all those phone calls with cheerful and friendly patience is Megan Borishansky, our Information and Referral Specialist and our newest staff member. She has had to get up to speed very quickly, not only on all the tax preparation sites and the items tax payers need to bring with them on their appointments, but also on the services offered by our local health and human services organizations.

If you earned less than $51,000 in 2012, you can have your taxes prepared for free. You can schedule an appointment by calling Megan at 972-1703. But don't procrastinate - our phones are ringing off the hook!


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