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A Family Friendly Workplace

We love our staff babies here at the United Way-Thomas Jefferson Area. It has been a while since we have had a baby come to work with a parent, or take part in our weekly staff meeting. So we were doubly thrilled when Alaina Schroeder and her husband, John Loy, welcomed Adam to their family on January 2 - for them and for us since we would once again have a baby coming to our office on occasion.

Cathy  AdamOn the days when Alaina brings Adam to work, she knows that she has plenty of co-workers willing to take on baby duties while he is here. We have a series of photos of Cathy Train, our president, with staff babies over the years, and we were happy to add Adam to our baby album today. Here he is having a nonverbal conversation with Cathy.

Our office has always had a “families first and babies welcome” policy – which probably accounts for some of our staff loyalty! Welcome, Adam, to our United Way family. We are looking forward to seeing you grow and pass all those wonderful milestones of life.

Posted by: Kim Connolly

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