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Paying It Forward One Box of Copy Paper At A Time

About 40 local nonprofits and schools have submitted wish list items for our first annual United Way Day of Sharing. As of today, pets, gardening and care packages for the military seem to be the most popular themes for donors. However, the list contains items ranging from the mundane (pencils) to ambitious (a location for a two-day staff retreat, including meals).

Reading the list gives a snapshot of the day-to-day needs of nonprofits and schools that operate on slim budgets. Some of these items could make work much easier for nonprofit staff: a copier, printer, folding tables, projector, coffee urn for meetings, even toilet paper. Not only does fulfillment help in a practical way, it also says something to the staff: “We value what you do.”

playground balls for webOther items are for the clients of nonprofits or the students at our schools: warm coats, board games, arts & crafts supplies, musical instruments or a ping-pong table. Some of the requests make you wonder what they are for, such as "20 pairs of stretch waist pants in various sizes and for both genders", until you realize that the elementary school nurse is requesting them for kids who have “accidents” or spills or tears of their clothes. Not very glamorous, but very necessary for a child’s self esteem.

Please take a look at the list. See what you, your family, your co-workers, civic group or entire workplace can do. You can donate gently used items in some cases, fundraise to purchase one large item, or simply ask people to bring in small donations that add up to meet a need (if 60 people each bring in one plastic tub that can hold books for a school library, their need is met!)

Small gestures can really add up to a big impact. Please share this post with friends, family, co-workers, church members or anyone else you think would like to pay it forward.


Poasted by: Kim Connolly

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