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This is the Year to Earn Your GED

Are we really as educated as we think?

JPJ graphic  logo vert 3Imagine the Dave Matthews Band playing to a packed house of 15,000 at the John Paul Jones arena. Now imagine another 10,000 that are waiting to get in. That total is the number of people in Charlottesville and the surrounding area that do not have a high school credential. No diploma. No GED.

Do you know someone who might be in this group? It could be a friend, an employee, or a co-worker! There is a lot you can do to support them as they work to achieve this important goal.

2013 is an important year for the GED test. There are many people who have been attending GED classes, doing online practice and have taken AND passed some of the 5 final exams. And if they do not FINISH in 2013 they will have to start all over. In 2014 the requirements and the test will change and previous work will not apply to the final goal.

GED gradsFinish what you started!

Are you – or do you know - one of the 1000+ test takers in our region who have started the GED and not yet finished?   We encourage our GED students to come on back and finish what you started.   GED certificate holders earn $568,000 more than an adult without a credential, over the course of a lifetime.   Doors open for you when you earn the GED: to better jobs, to college, to a new career!

A testament to success.

Walking through the doors of the Charlottesville Adult Learning Center was a new beginning for Irving S. Moody, Jr. Once he overcame the shame he felt for not graduating high school and obtained his GED test credential, he moved on to enroll at PVCC, and then Virginia Union University, earning his Master of Divinity degree. He is completing his residency to become a certified hospital/health care facility chaplain. He says that earning his GED allowed him to “walk right into a new wholeness—my future”

Your future is calling!

If you need help to finish your GED, we’ve got your back! We have classes, online learning options, math tutoring, and free GED practice tests available to help you finish your GED and get started on the life you deserve. Call us at 434-245-2817 or visit us online at adultslearn.org.

Guest post provided by: Thomas Jefferson Adult and Career Education (TJACE)

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