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Summer Learning About Nonprofit Impact

We welcome Abby Roberson to United Way-Thomas Jefferson Area for the summer. Abby is a University of Virginia 4th year student, majoring in Cognitive Science.


Abby Roberson for webOne of the reasons I chose to do an internship this summer, as opposed to a class or retail employment, is because I am about to start my fourth and final year at the University of Virginia. As we all know, the “real world” is getting harder and harder to break into, and having some sort of background knowledge of your desired field is crucial to success. A major reason I chose to be an intern at United Way-Thomas Jefferson Area is because I greatly admire their work in helping their local community with its particular issues and needs. I always support and try to help organizations that have concrete plans and projects for making the world for those directly around them a better place.

Through my internship at United Way, I hope to be able to see how community outreach projects are used to accomplish this goal happen in their various stages. I also hope to learn about which on-going resources are available to the community, how these resources work, and any difficulties that arise with them. I hope to be able to see, at least in some small capacity, how the different parts of an organization such as United Way-Thomas Jefferson Area work together in order to keep itself running smoothly. In doing so, I hope to find skills and experiences that will be transferable to organizations that I may work with in the future. More generally, I hope to work hard, learn a lot, and have some fun! I am looking forward to making the most out of this opportunity and can’t wait to see what the summer holds!


Posted by: Abby Roberson

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