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Volunteering is Good for your Health

United Health Group recently released a study that shows that people who volunteer are less stressed and generally healthier.

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As an organization that promotes volunteerism through our United Way Volunteer Center and makes good use of our own volunteers, we are pleased to see a study that quantifies our strong belief in the power of volunteerism.

The second half of the study looks at the benefits of employee volunteer programs. It reports that employees who volunteer regularly have the added benefits of stronger teamwork. better time management and stronger relationships with their colleagues. Employers benefit from having healthier, less stressed employees and through earning goodwill. Our United Way Laurence E. Richardson Day of Caring is the perfect opportunity for employers to encourage volunteerism.

The deadline for registering teams for the Day of Caring is June 28. Or, simply call Jessica Snyder, our volunteer Center director, to learn about volunteer opportunities in our community that would fit your time and interests.

Posted by: Kim Connolly



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