Day of Caring Main Image 2017-4

On the Day of Caring

The United Way Day of Caring is finally here and your agency is thrilled to have volunteers coming in to help with projects. Here’s how to make the day a special one for you and the volunteers:

  • Attend the Kickoff Breakfast Rally at John Paul Jones Arena.
  • Allow time for event set up and clean up.
  • Have your volunteers register with the sign-in sheets provided by the United Way.
  • Give your volunteers a brief orientation and tour of your agency/program
  • Review project details with your volunteer team
  • Be accessible to volunteers and answer questions as necessary.
  • Click here for a printable version of this information.

Welcome your volunteers with a banner and make them feel at home at your agency. The Day of Caring is a "ready-made" marketing opportunity for your agency! Don't miss this opportunity to show off your agency to the media, potential donors, volunteers and clients. Be creative and get the message out about what your agency does.  

  • Feature your volunteer team in your agency member/donor newsletter to report your success to the community. Other communication tools might include your web site, and Letters to the Editor (to thank your volunteers). Please share any published items with the United Way office.  
  • Generate ideas to recognize your volunteer team while they are at your agency. It is one of the best ways to ensure they will return one day to help again. 
  • Prepare an information packet about your agency for your Day of Caring volunteers.  
  • Invite the volunteers back later in the year (to see the blooming daffodils that they planted, or to participate in an activity at the recreation center they painted).
  • Download the Agency Manual for more ideas.