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Planning for the Day

Thorough preparation for the United Way Day of Caring is the key to making the experience a positive one for your agency and the volunteer team. Please take time to plan for the event in the following ways:

General Preparation

  • Make sure that the supplies are onsite and ready for volunteers.
  • Provide water, snacks and/or lunch for volunteers, if possible.
  • Remind clients and staff of the day's activities. Be certain everyone is aware of the plans, to avoid  unpleasant surprises.
  • Have a First Aid Kit on site (including a bee sting kit, band-aids, aspirin, and ice packs).
  • Click here for a printable checklist of reminders on the day.

Connecting with Your Volunteers

  • Confirm volunteer arrival time, keeping in mind that the Kickoff Breakfast Rally could end by 8:15 a.m. and volunteers could be at your door by 8:30 (depending on travel time). Be prepared for this.
  • Encourage the Team Leader to visit the site so that the team is prepared on the day.
  • Verify the number of people participating.
  • Inform them if there is any heavy lifting or moving of objects.
  • Is there ample parking for your volunteers? If not, make alternate plans. Suggest car-pooling to the teams or long term parking is available at the Rally location.
  • Remind Team Leaders to leave the agency and project site phone numbers with their co-workers in the event that an emergency arises and they need to be contacted during the day.
  • Click here for a printable checklist of reminders on the day.

Risk Management

  • As with all service projects, careful planning and risk management practices are essential.
  • Evaluate your project; acknowledge and identify potential risk factors.
  • Establish effective supervision procedures.
  • Ensure that volunteers are covered by your agency’s liability insurance policy.
  • Communicate with volunteers about risks involved and determine volunteers' qualifications.
  • Make sure the workplace is free of potential safety hazards.
  • To review a more detailed safety plan please see pages 9-12 of the Day of Caring Agency Manual .