Early Education Task Force

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The community of Charlottesville-Albemarle believes that a robust, inclusive, high-quality early childhood educational program is a key ingredient in preparing at-risk children for kindergarten and closing the achievement gap over time.  Further, the community believes that, over time, investments in educational and prevention programs will reduce future, greater expenditures in remediation and rehabilitation.

Quality early education is but one critical investment required to increase the likelihood of positive, long-term outcomes for at-risk children, but it is achievable, actionable, and quantifiable.


Every child in Charlottesville-Albemarle living with risk factors that impact success in life will have access to a high-quality early education program. This clear vision is unclouded by concerns over funding and is endorsed by our City and County Executives, City and County School Superintendents, and the United Way Smart Beginnings Impact Team.

Specifically, in the near term, we seek to address the need for at-risk four-year olds, realizing that the expansion of services to three-year olds, younger children and whole families makes a difference and serves as a longer-term aspirational goal.  The current estimate of the gap between the number of City and County four-year olds eligible for access to high-quality pre-k programs and available space is 150.

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Task Force Members

Erika Viccellio – Executive Vice President, United Way (Chair)

Jan Dorman - Charlottesville Area Community Foundation Finance Director (Co-Chair)

Barbara Hutchinson – Vice President Community Impact Programs, United Way & Smart Beginnings

Ann McAndrew - Coordinator, Albemarle County Bright Stars (Pre-K)

Bill Letteri - Deputy County Executive, Albemarle County

Mike Murphy - Assistant City Manager, Charlottesville

Dean Tisdadt - Chief Operations Officer, Albemarle County Schools

Sheila Sparks - Charlottesville City Schools Pre-K Coordinator

Jacki Bryant – Executive Director, ReadyKids

Harriet Kaplan - Executive Director, MACAA Head Start

Judy Smith - Retired Executive Director, Jefferson Area CHIP

Mary Stebbins - Assistant Director, Albemarle County Department of Social Services

Sarah McLean – Aduivans Foundation

Blair Kelly - Entrepreneur

Rebecca Berlin – Interim CEO, Teachstone


Key Advocates and Keepers of the Vision

Jeff Richardson - Albemarle County Executive

Maurice Jones - Charlottesville City Manager

Pam Moran - Albemarle County Superintendent of Schools

Rosa Atkins - City of Charlottesville Superintendent of Schools

Cathy Train - President, United Way-Thomas Jefferson Area

Tim Hulbert - President, Chamber of Commerce

Frank Friedman - President, Piedmont Virginia Community College

Jan Dorman - Director of Finance, Charlottesville Area Community Foundation (CACF)

Bob Pianta - Dean, UVa Curry School of Education

Kathy Glazer - President, Virginia Early Childhood Foundation

Mike Chinn - President, S&P Global, Chair, Smart Beginnings Impact Team (ex-officio)


For more information, contact Erika Viccellio, Executive VP at 434.972.1713 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .